Marketing Plans, Are they worth it?

Marketing Plans, Are they worth it?

It’s 2017 and everything is becoming very fasted passed. As the world of business rapidly changes, more professionals agree that the five-year financial and market predictions are not worth it.

You may take this as Marketing Plans are now no longer worth it.

Incorrect, It’s just the way they are written and produced that needs to to be updated.

12 monthly marketing plans rather then lengthily in depth 5 yearly plans are more relevant for this fast passed modern era.

The truth is the more flexible you can be and change quickly the better off your business will be.

It’s still important to have a plan, this will save you so much time and money in the next 12 months. Just don’t be afraid to slightly alter it if you find something is not quiet working, or a new exiting opportunity arises. After all you don’t want to miss out just because ‘it’s not in the plan’.

The main key to any marketing plan is to make sure you are monitoring and measuring your results. This will give you the flashing warning lights you need when it’s time to make a quick change or alteration.

Being able to pivot is key.. If you find one element in your businesses is working well and others not so well. Pivot in the direction that IS WORKING!

Here are a few tips from to what should be included in your 2017 Marketing Plan.

Tip #1: Be where customers are – on mobile

62 per cent of global consumers report using their smartphones more than previous years to research purchases, and 60 per cent of global consumers say that they plan to buy more often from smartphones or tablets.

Tip #2: Bring the in-store experience to life on mobile

Third-party research predicts that 75 per cent of all data will be video by 2020. People expect experiences that are authentic – and the New Year is a perfect time for connection and new beginnings.

Tip #3: Create thumb-stopping creative

When it comes to telling the story of your business or selling a product on Facebook, remember to show, not tell.

Tip #4: Connect with customers, in any part of the world

Use Custom Audiences to re-engage customers who purchased from you previously or use Lookalike Audiences to find new customers that look similar to your existing ones.

Tip #5: Measure, measure, measure

Success starts with knowing your goal. Use tools such as the Facebook Smart Pixel to help you achieve and measure your business results.

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